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May Pampered Pups Blog Train~ Beyond Blue

Beyond Blue has left the station! May is Mental Health Awareness month and we would like to put a spotlight on this illness which can be devastating. It goes far beyond just being sad. It can't be "fixed" with a simple "pat on the back" or "don't worry tomorrow is another day, it'll get better." Have you ever just looked up the symptoms of depression? Of Bipolar? Did you know depression was more than just being sad? It can be caused by a chemical imbalance in your body, or by an outside trigger such as death, break ups, job loss. I encourage you today to do some research. Chances are someone you knows suffers from some type of mental illness. Care enough to get the facts. Care enough to find out just what they are going thru and what you can do to help them and not hurt them.

This is a Cu4CU pack. 4x6 sized png files ready for you to add to your favorite backgrounds. The background is not included.


  1. Important words about an important subject. Thank-you for creating and sharing all these parts.
    Blessed Be.

    1. TYSM Gayle for coming by and commenting. I appreciate the blessings, I will take all of those that I can get and ask that some be sent your way as well!

  2. I was brought to tears at what you wrote. You encouraged people to do some research and realize how the blues (tho not great to go thru), and severe depression are two wildly different things. Plus all the levels of depression you can be diagnosed with in between. I suffer with severe, chronic depression amongst other things. I will never snap out of it. I will always be fighting it and trying to smile. Thank you for your artistic contribution to the train, and again, thanks for quick, but spot on comment preceding the download. :)

    1. Thank you so much for commenting Amy. It touched my heart. I try not to talk to much before I add a post because people are here for downloads, not reading. However this was one I could not let pass me by. Like you I have suffered chronic depression for many years. 55 to be specific. You and I... we are the strong ones. We have an illness not a weakness. Those cards are for us and all the others who have been made to feel like they were "not enough"

  3. Thank you so much!! I'm a fellow sufferer .. battled it by myself until I turned 50 .. then finally decided to seek help before I wasted my whole life not able to realise the joy in living. I read your word art and decided I deserve to make a page about myself with those word arts :) Still battling, but now have more good days than bad .. and that is a wonderful thing. Good luck to you!!

    1. TYSM for commenting Marsie55. You do deserve to make a page about you. You are worth it. You are a beautiful, unique, loved person that no other can compare to. Give yourself permission to celebrate you! Here's to more happy days ....woot woot!!


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