Saturday, August 13, 2016

Let Me Be A Blessing Ministries

I have been updating and working on the Ministry blog. My intent is to have it fully updated and functional by Sept 1. If all goes as intended I will have the forum up and going as well. Not much there for the moment but I expect that to change as people find their way to it. Nellie Bell's will still be here but not a priority. I appreciate all who have stopped by from the blog trains. I do hope you will come visit at LMBAB (Let Me Be A Blessing). You may find some things there you would like to use for your ministry and personal use. All free. No ads for sales and stores. Only ads for Jesus :)

I have a couple of coloring pages there so if you like to color then stop by and grab them. One for smaller children and one for us older kids :) Next week I think I will give a shot at designing one for those of you who do detailed coloring. Here's a screen shot of the two available now
swing by the blog and check them out

Let me Be A Blessing Ministries

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