Friday, August 7, 2015

Out of Retirement

I have come out of retirement and now sell at 

Low Budget Scrapping

Part of the problems I had with designing before was the high cost of things in the scrapping community. I could understand the seasoned designers charging more for their items but still the price should remain reasonable. What about the people who just want to make a decent page or tag for their own use who can not afford $15 or even $6? Who would stand for them and make things affordable? Well I am excited to say that's what Low Budget Scrapping is all about! Stop by and check out the store. You'll be glad you did....


  1. I have definitely noticed a lot of kits are kind of out of my budget, especially if I only plan on using a couple of elements and one time only. When I pay more than a couple of bucks, the elements seem to end up on every single page I make to justify the cost! :)

    1. Exactly! And this is why I hunt freebies every chance I get lol. Since you are getting so good it will not be long before you are making all your own things :-)